Wouldn't be here right now if not for Twitter: Donald Trump

Aubin Brasseur
Mars 20, 2017

Trump said at the press conference that many countries owe "vast sums of money" - but he declined to identify Germany, at the time, as one of those nations.

NATO's finances featured high on the agenda during the first face-to-face meeting between Trump and Angela Merkel. "No2 the countries weren't paying what they're supposed to be paying".

Representatives for the White House did not immediately reply to a request seeking comment following May's spokesman's remarks. He sought to turn the explosive charge into a light joke when asked about concerns raised by the British government that the White House is now citing a debunked claim that U.K. spies snooped on Trump.

In a similar vein, Merkel has sought to remind - some in the White House would say lecture - the real estate mogul about democratic values.

The new president reaffirmed the United States' "strong support" for NATO but reiterated his stance that NATO allies need to "pay their fair share" for the cost of defence.

Angela Merkel, on the other hand, focused on the benefits of globalism, openness to refugees and the need to negotiate a "safe and secure solution for Ukraine".

On the "Fox & Friends" program, Napolitano, a political commentator and former New Jersey judge, said that rather than ordering U.S. agencies to spy on Trump, Obama had obtained transcripts of Trump's conversations from GCHQ so there were "no American fingerprints" on it.

La Norvège est le pays "le plus heureux au monde"
Cette année, la Norvège a détrôné le Danemark pour devenir le pays le plus heureux du monde . Les Etats-Unis se classent 14e, l'Allemagne 16e, le Royaume-Uni 19e et la France. 31e.

L'assaillant était sous l'emprise de l'alcool
Par ailleurs, son frère et son cousin, qui s'étaient d'eux-même présentés à la police samedi, ont été relâchés dimanche soir. Des cellules de crise ont été mises en place pour accueillir les voyageurs à Orly comme à Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle.

Moyens : Golovkin conserve sa ceinture dans la douleur
Il sera opposé au Thaïlandais Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, ancien champion WBC de la catégorie (41 victoires, 1 nul, 4 défaites). Daniel Jacobs a donné à Gennady Golovkin une opposition comme il n'en avait jamais eue auparavant, samedi, à New York.

"The negotiators for Germany have done a far better job than the negotiators for the United States", he said.

The president is a voracious consumer of news and frequently repeats information he reads or hears on television, often without verifying it first.

This week, the top four lawmakers in Congress dealing with intelligence issues, Republicans and Democrats, all said that they have been given no evidence to support Trump's allegations.

But later, sitting side-by-side in the Oval Office, Merkel's suggestion of another handshake went unheard or ignored by Trump - an awkward moment in what are usually highly scripted occasions. The German TV channel contrasted Trump's apparent snub of Merkel with chivalry shown by him towards the British Prime Minister Theresa May during her Whitehouse visit in January. "Trump's comments misrepresent the way NATO functions", Daalder told The Washington Post on Saturday.

The midtown Manhattan skyscraper housed Trump's residence and offices during last year's presidential election.

According to a Western diplomat, Britain's ambassador to Washington, Kim Darroch, had told the White House Tuesday that Napolitano's assertions were not true. Why is it working for him? Germany currently spends 1.23 per cent of its GDP on defence, but it is being increased. German defense expenditure was not exclusively dedicated to NATO missions, she emphasized, and additional German funding would be used for U.N. peacekeeping missions, for instance.

"I said a long time ago that Nato had problems", he said. "That is our task respectively". Spicer and McMaster said that the press secretary was simply pointing to public reports and not endorsing any specific story, the official said.

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