Soldier in Hawaii Charged With Support of ISIS

Marie-Ange Beliveau
Juillet 11, 2017

He is charged with providing material support to ISIS, though FBI officials suggest his alleged attempts failed. Kang is being held on terrorism charges after the FBI claims he tried to get secret military documents to the Islamic State group.

FBI spokesman Arnold Laanui told AP Monday that SWAT team special agents arrested Kang on Saturday.

Clifford Kang, Kang's father, told local news outlets that he was "in shock" at the allegations against his son and that Kang was "a great kid, a normal kid who grew up in Waimanalo".

He said Kang was "a decorated veteran of two deployments" to Iraq and Afghanistan. "I made a fire, and he cooked it and washed dishes and he had a friend with him". He also told the undercover that "Hitler was right, saying he believed in the mass killing of Jews". In the federal complaint, it states that he also allegedly argued pro-ISIS viewpoints at work and while "on-post".

Then-Army Major Nidal Hasan, a US-born Muslim, killed 13 people and wounded 32 others in an attack he claimed as retribution for American wars in the Muslim world. The military revoked his security clearance for about a year in 2012 after one such reprimand.

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The solider, identified as Ikaika Kang was a sergeant in the first class in the US Army, and he had been stationed in Hawaii. He has received a range of medals in the course of his service, including the Army Commendation Medal.

Kang also expressed a desire to torture a civilian he held responsible for taking away his air traffic controller's license, the affidavit said. He served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the Daily Mail, Kang, who was studying Islam, allegedly provided training to the terrorist group.

At Kang's home, there was red "evidence" tape on his door and on his water heater storage door. "He's really strong in his belief in the Muslim faith", he said.

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