Her Story creator's next game is a political thriller called Telling Lies

Marie-Ange Beliveau
Juillet 15, 2017

Along with Telling Lies, Barlow is also working on an interactive reboot of the 1983 film WarGames, which starred Matthew Broderick as a hacker who discovers a game of global thermonuclear war.

It's still a way off though - Barlow is still in the process of writing the story, currently fleshing out the finer details. The 1970s, he added, "were such a golden age [for] exploring the intersection of government, society and individuals", suggesting that Telling Lies could bear a similar aesthetic. The different characters will weave different perspectives throughout the game, which is sure to confuse - and hopefully, engage - players.

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As well as new characters, this one will jump across multiple locations. Telling Lies will begin filming sometime in late 2017 or early 2018. Barlow's efforts earned praise from players and critics alike, selling more than 100,000 copies since releasing in 2015.

He added, "We have an audience for crime fiction, super-intelligent, [that] by the time they hit adolescence have been exposed to so much storytelling". "It's the opposite of traditional cinema", he said. We can let scenes run and unspool. Annapurna Interactive will directly handle and oversee all of the production tasks for the live-action video component of the game. Some scenes have very little spoken dialogue.

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