Meet the Doctor who will replace Capaldi

Marcel Micheaux
Juillet 17, 2017

Those eyebrows I remember sitting in the cinema nearly four years ago.

In the same year, Whittaker stole scenes in Channel 4's Black Mirror episode 'The Entire History of You'. Luckily, a new teaser for Doctor Who confirms that 13 will be announced right after the men's Wimbledon finals on July 16. "Doctor Who will be missed #DoctorWho #doctor13".

After months of speculation over the identity of the next Doctor, the BBC will finally put Whovians out of their misery and reveal the actor (or actress) that will replace Peter Capaldi.

The first episode of Dr Who aired in 1963, and the series was developed by Sydney Newman, the son of a Russian-Jewish immigrant father.

As of now, there is no date set for the next season of Doctor Who, though fans can expect the series to return in 2018. If the Doctor is going to persist for another 50 years, the character needs to continue to evolve, not stagnate.

BBC has officially announced the 13th Doctor Who! Chibnall obviously was instrumental in bringing Broadchurch's Whittaker on board.

The announcement was heralded during coverage of Roger Federer's semi-final win over Tomas Berdych yesterday, and the official Doctor Who Twitter account also released a trailer.

While it's a key part of the show's ongoing success, a new Doctor is always something that the viewers need time to get used to. It's a real shame Whittaker actually had to tell people who claim to be fans not to fear that idea before her 13th Doctor proves it. "The Thirteenth Doctor is on her way". The decline in Doctor Who's ratings is directly linked to the decline in quality. "She's going to be a fantastic Doctor".

It's very nerve-racking, as it's been so secret!

Donna Noble might return as 13 in'Doctor Who
Donna Noble might return as 13 in ‘Doctor Who

Rather than a huge announcement, some fans feel like it would be better to have the show surprise us.

In my home, and with my agent, it was The Clooney.

"You have to think 'what an opportunity". And we thought: what's a really famous iconic name? Bill was great last series, not just a woman of colour but a gay woman.

And she shouldn't have to say "don't be scared by my gender" when she's taking her rightful place behind the Tardis console.

"This is the age of The Hunger Games; of the Star Wars movies being fronted by a female lead; of Wonder Woman utterly demolishing its box office rivals".

"The fans have lived through so many changes, and this is only a new, different one, not a fearful one", Whittaker smiled.

I'm most excited about becoming part of a family I didn't even know existed.

We had a strange chat earlier this year where he tricked me into thinking we were talking about Broadchurch.

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