Night Protests Challenge Security, Officials Exchange Criticism — Iran

Vanessa Beaulieu
Janvier 13, 2018

"The Iranian regime's contempt for the rights of its people has been widely documented for many years", said Haley.

US Ambassador Nikki Haley pushed for the meeting of the top UN body, arguing the unrest could escalate into full-blown conflict and drawing a comparison with Syria.

"The Iranian regime is now on notice: The world will be watching what you do", Ms Haley said. It is hard to see how this is not ominous news for the Iranian regime.

After criticizing Iran's ballistic missile development and role in supporting Yemeni rebels, U.K. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft added that "The U.K. remains fully committed to the JCPOA", an acronym for the nuclear accord. That's why it's death to Rohani.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif yesterday ridiculed Mr Trump over the "blunder" of trying to raise Iran's recent protests at the Security Council.

The charge against Rouhani is that he has failed to deliver the good times promised. "Their people know that", Cardin said. Authorities say the anti-government protests are waning.

Hence the parliament's desire to find "the roots" of the protest. That would be a shock to the system.

Parliament met behind closed doors on Sunday to discuss the week of unrest with the ministers of interior and intelligence, Iran's police chief and the deputy commander of the elite Revolutionary Guard, state television said. European leaders also fear Trump will use the Tehran crackdown to argue that Congress should not renew the Iranian nuclear deal, something they wish to protect.

That's because the Iranian protests don't constitute an international threat, according to France's ambassador.

Some 4,000 people - including former lawmakers, journalists, students and foreign nationals - were arrested in connection with those protests.

Iran has accused Washington of stirring up the protests.

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But Moscow stopped short of seeking to block the meeting.

General Abdolrahim Mousavin, the head of the army, thanked security forces for "putting out the fire of sedition".

Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said the United States is abusing the Security Council's platform.

Hesamodin Ashna, President Hassan al-Rouhani's adviser, recently criticized the leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard for saying that the protests were over.

More pro-government rallies are planned in Iran after Friday prayers while activists have posted new videos purporting to show protests challenging the Islamic Republic's government. It marked the third day of such demonstrations.

Unlike 2009, there is no central movement or leadership behind the current unrest.

Price hikes sparked protests in a number of cities and towns late last month.

"However, let Iran deal with its own problems", he said.

Growing US pressure on Iran? He also has described Iran as "failing at every level" and declared it is "TIME FOR CHANGE!"

But the US was not alone is believing the demonstrations were an international matter.

RFE/RL obtained credible reports on January 6 from sources in Iran about overnight demonstrations against Iran's clerical rulers in Tehran, Takestan, Khomein, Arak, Mashhad, Qazvin, Rasht and Lahijan, despite the presence of security forces.

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