Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Overshadows iPhone X with these two Features

Aubin Brasseur
Septembre 19, 2017

Analyst estimates are far from infallible, but this suggests the assumption is at least close to true and that Apple isn't making bank on its expensive new iPhone, but that's probably not what the iPhone X is made for.

The A11 Bionic system on a chip - or SoC - powers the iPhone X, but it can also be found inside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.AppleThe latest official benchmarks from Geekbench (which we first saw via AppleInsider) are in, and the results show that Apple's A11 Bionic system on a chip - or SoC - is more powerful than this year's MacBook Pro models. But a small number, tamped down by that $1,000 price, it will help to establish the supply chain that, someday, could make these components better, faster, and cheaper, and perhaps a part of every iPhone.

What you also don't get with the OnePlus 5 is the long, tall screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6; instead, the Chinese manufacturer is sticking with its eminently sensible 1080p, 5.5in AMOLED panel (which is fine as long as you don't plan on using your phone to play VR games all the time) and has focused on improving the camera.

At this point there isn't much HDR content but with YouTube now supporting HDR, things will change soon. We have already mentioned the 6.3 edge-to-edge "Infinity Display".

WebRTC continues to reform web communications, and DevOps is pushing its way into an enterprise IT world that is increasingly agile, lean, and continuous. Both the new iPhones are powered by the new Apple A11 Bionic six-core processor, are AR-ready and support wireless charging.

The report claims that the $999 iPhone X components may have cost the company $412.75, which is around 60% of the MRP cost of the handset.

Samsung is hoping that it's new high spec flagship can take on the iPhone
Samsung is hoping that it's new high spec flagship can take on the iPhone

Coming to the optics, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus feature revamped cameras.

Buyers who preordered the handset in North America, South America, Europe and Asia will get it sometime today (or already have it). Of course we are talking about Galaxy Note 8. Since 2015, Apple has never sold fewer than 40 million phones in any three-month window.

The iPhone X has a screen-to-screen front appearance to optimize users' visual experience.

But at the end of the day there are only two big factors you need to consider before getting the smartphone.

Forget free $350 credit, as the "Now Network" lets you lower the iPhone 8's monthly price to...

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